"Aliah Selah's an Interdisciplinary Artist - mystic yogi, health-nut, singer/songwriter, who's comedy activism, music, stage & TV shows offer a spark inspiring listeners to be creative. Offering positive, alternative songs, poetic jazzy fusion, & spoken word ambient down tempo - all dancing on the edge of possibilities."  
- Shema, AustinDaze Mag.

Sep 21st, 2016 - Shades Of Images CD Release features the new music video "Listen" offered on International World Peace Day - Sep 21st.

The video is Inspired and dedicated to those who 
"listen, to things that aren't so loud"  - Peace Pilgrim, Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi and so many now on the path of Spiritual Activism.

In the cover art of Shade Of Images CD,  close to her heart, Aliah holds the Ace of Hearts (Water) from her own Transparenting Tarot Deck - now available for an on-line mini-reading where you choose the cards, not the computer. Then you are offered the I-Ching for the mini-readings - for insights into what the wise one would do in your situation.
Aliah doesn't need to know your situation.

Aliah teaches Tarot, Astrology, and Vibrational Vocals, along with Qigong Sound Healing, Moon Cycle Qigong, ShalOm Yogadance, and the culmination of all her movement forms and vocabulary for her music videos:  
Lotus Heart Yogadance. 

See Lotus Heart Yogadancers in Aliah Selah's music videos  here and at: aliahselah.reverbnation.com that offer her Lotus Heart Yogadance form  to give lots of room to shine for free spirits everywhere - bringing the sacred movement to life.  

Let her know if you would like to join in the fun and be in her next music video and other projects she has coming soon - to inspire you to your highest.



Aliah Selah's Shades Of Images CD 
has been nominated for several 
2016 Independent Music Awards:

Best Adult Contemporary and Eclectic CD

“Come Alive” - Eclectic Song
“Listen” - Best Music Video  

Plus: 2 more for Best Music Videos: 
“Bless the Water” & “Venus In Aquarius”

Singles and Short Music Videos only you can vote on.

If you LIKE it, it would be so awesome to vote for the song "Come Alive"
(#2 on Reverbnation's Santa Cruz Electronica Chart)

If you like what you hear and see - please vote for these
Aliah Selah & Lotus Heart Yogadancers Music Videos 
"Listen" &/or "Venus In Aquarius"

Thanks for all your support - I am inspired and amazing by the awesome people I meet on FB and everywhere - and especially at Sacred Music and Yoga Festivals. Together we can and will shift our world into a place of sustainable peace, and a balance of resources out of love and compassion.
So be it - And so it is - Ah-Men - Ah-Woman - All One
Om Shanti Om


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Each Lotus Heart Yogadancer is unique and beautiful in their own way. Would you like to join in with the CoCreative Choreography of the essence you have to share. We want to see it, send us your footage and availability. Aliah Selah will be offering Lotus Heart Yogadancing Workshops at Sacred Music, Yoga, and Art Festivals around the globe. Let her know if you know of one to contact that you would be interested in being part of... or networking in the way only you can shine.
Loving You.

Aliah Selah & Lotus Heart Yogadancers

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