Aliah Selah's 1st solo CD ACOUSTIC PERFUME, featured on local Austin radio stations KUT, KTSW, KVRX, KGSR, & KOOP in perfect time for Lilith Fair. Her 2nd CD LIVING IN THE SHADE started playing on those stations as well as becoming a featured artist on KKMJ where she interviewed with DJ Eric Leikam who had dubbed her, "a kinder, gentler, Tori Amos" when he worked at KLBJ. After her Amsterdam A2A Showcase, some European stations started playing her unique spoken word and sung performance art song "Little Shelf" that was nominated for a 2008 HOLLYWOOD MUSIC AWARD in the Ambient/New Age category after being nominated for a LA MUSIC AWARD in 2007 - both Experimental/Female Vocals. She's now releasing SHADES OF IMAGES with the open song of "Little Shelf" that she has choreographed for a music video that's set to open the film ( honoring inspiring stories of those cocreating peace and why we heal through inspired learning a call for wellness around the world.

Aliah Selah's Shades Of Images CD 
has been nominated for several 
2016 Independent Music Awards: 

Best Adult Contemporary and Eclectic CD

“Come Alive” - Best Eclectic Song
“Listen” - Best Music Video  

Plus: 2 more for Best Music Videos: 
“Bless the Water” & “Venus In Aquarius”

Aliah began creative dance class at 3, started piano lessons at 7, then opted out of lessons at 9 to secretly write her own songs from her poetry. Dancing all her life, in High School, she was known for her conceptual dances where she choreographed to ZAPPA, YES, & PINK FLOYD songs. Her life changed when she picked up the sax on a dare from her boyfriend to play his sax & form a band. Since 9 she had been writing songs from her poetry (kept in "a shoebox under her bed" a lyric spoken of in her title track song "Shades Of Images") with her goal of one day writing the songs she'd dance to. Getting serious about music caused her to quit dance at her high school to commit full time to music and yoga classes at Phoenix College in the afternoons. It made more sense when she won 2nd place at the PC Talent Show with a solo dance piece to ELO's "Just Take A Pebble". Yoga had taken her dance to a whole new level. She was playing sax in the PC Jazz band & performing her own songs regularly at Phoenix College's Lunch Concert Series where a popular radio DJ announced her as "the next Joni Mitchell". The prestigious Berklee School of Music agreed and gave her a vocal scholarship reserved for unique singer/songwriters. More recently Vision Magazine added, "Aliah's music is both timeless and current." 

She's an interdisciplinary artist with a joyous spirit that reveals a deep commitment to inner growth and spiritual activism. Her song "Bless The Water" was used for radio & TV spots to support S.O.S. (Save Our Springs) opposing developers threatening the fragile watershed eco-system in Austin. An Electronica version has been re-released for World Water Day. Another song "Luna: Tree Of Life" celebrates the work of Julia Butterfly Hill who lived for 2 years in a soaring Redwood tree she named Luna to help save the ancient forest. Aliah's song "Sweetwater" is the title track on the Austin feature film that showcased in several festivals & plays regularly on PBS. Inspired by the ongoing peace movement's efforts - she's currently in pre-production with her next CD - IN LIGHT OF NOW as a follow-up to "What Is So?" that was played on several radio stations as the Iraq war first started. She offers video activism through Peacefarm Productions ( that has received several production grants for wellness videos. She's produced videos for Lee Holden L.Ac. - as part of completing his Qigong Teacher's Training where she learned Medical Qi Gong from Lee and their teacher Mantak Chia. Both inspired Lotus Heart Qigong that she developed & teaches. From her own Yogadance set, she is now blending Yoga & Qigong into a form: Yogadance ∞ 9 Qi Flow. Adding her contemporary dance choreography - she offers this form to classes & develops her troupe. See Lotus Heart Yogadancers in music videos "Across The Universe 2013" & "Silence Fills Sound" - inspiring a shift to a peaceful world. Aliah's finding so many inspiring artists who feel the same way at Sacred Music, Art, & Yoga Festivals - bringing in the new era of people over dollars. 

Her bandmate/soulmate Paz Rheinstein - share the sacred jam band: SPIRAL ON… & Spiral on Productions where they produce the Web/TV Show CREATIVE EVOLUTION - with the motto: Make Love For Peace. See "Rainbow Rejuvenation" and some sample SPIRAL ON…music videos for upcoming 3CD-DVD set. (

Aliah's a pro performer with hundreds of live performances; she's toured Japan, Canada & Alaska with the keyboardist for Counting Crows, while in Boston - together with Paz - she's played in Cafes and on college radio stations as well as in Harvard Square as TOUCH. Next in San Diego playing at clubs and festivals with funkrock band SOULER SYSTEM that grew into their current project SPIRAL ON. In addition, as host of their Austin TV shows - she also featured her layered collage-like music art videos where she danced as another form of graphics - fulfilling her original vision of dancing to her own music. 

TV hosting grew her Stand Up set as a Rockaholix, now a film concept: ( In the San Francisco Guardsman, the writer commented on BELIEVE IN LOVE - her one woman show (her music, dance, poetry, art, & comedy about life): "It's nice to find someone who tells it how she sees it - we can expect to see more of Aliah Selah, she has the talent & integrity to rise above the norm."

"Aliah Selah's a charismatic performer & prolific songwriter who knows how to connect with, & move an audience. She writes & performs on keyboards where she showcases funky rhythmic tunes & mystical ballads. Both share her soulful voice & insightful wisdom - allowing her to stand in a light all her own." 

-Buddy Gills, WhereItsAt Music

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