Little Shelf, is a channeled song that came all in "one takes" after being birthed from a jam. It was nominated for a LA Music Award in 2007 in Experimental & Female Vocals. Then, it was nominated in Ambient/New Age at the 2008 Hollywood Music Awards. After playing in Amsterdam at the A2A Festival that showcased it on their site DJ's began to play it. Several DJ's said it was Contemporary Jazz, but unlike any song in Contemporary Jazz. Now, "Little Shelf" opens the Shades Of Images CD, setting the tone of the experience of emotional healing. The mystical vibe continues as you listen from song to song - opening the heart and mind while soothing pains of our inner growing. Shades Of Images has now been nominated for Best Adult Contemporary and Eclectic CD by the 2016 Independent Music Awards . Also, "Come Alive" (FB Birthday song) has been nominated for Best Eclectic Song and "Listen" for Best Music Video. "Silence Fills Sound" is the first music video to be released from the Shades of Images CD showcasing Lotus Heart Yogadancers that Aliah loves to work with in classes and playshops for music videos. Sacred dance inspired by Isadora Duncan - her form offers affirmations for each Qigong and Yoga moves. Then in production becomes  "call outs" for her cocreative choreography with Lotus Heart Yogadancers along with their innate wonderful moves. Her Qigong Sound Healing & Lotus Heart Yogadance form is easily shared and can be especially seen in the new music video "Listen" where her Lotus Heart Mudra Meditation Flow is shown in the bridge of the song. "Listen" asks us to listen within, as well as not just doing what we are told blindly. To know which way to go we need to listen to things that aren't so loud - to take the road less traveled, the path less taken. "Listen" is dedicated to Peace within as well as around us. Aliah Selah's been a peace activist all her life and her Shades Of Images CD releases on Sep 21st International World Peace Day - with an event on  
"What Is So?" is an important question to ask in these times where there are many who are trying to shift things to be more sustainable and supported by love instead of profit. Only then will we know peace. Let us make peace profitable with what we seek to live by cocreating the future. Thanks for helping to support a path to offer love and guidance through the music and healing tools. Blessings to your soul's reflection and know how you shine. peace Om Shanti Om

With the purchase of the Shade Of Images CD you get a 3 Card Mini-Reading From Aliah Selah.
Press the Title Link Above - then to the one below that says 3 Card... or just go to: . Once there focus on your intention for the reading and to access your intuition and guides. Once there, in the space provided, give your email address & date of purchase of the CD - and focus or question - and this will help you to get a response from Aliah. If she does not respond right away, you can send her a message on her FB page as Aliah Selah - feel free to Friend her, please LIKE her music page if you feel it: She would love to support you in your visions and this mini-reading is a good way to do that. Know that your prosperity is mostly in you knowing what you seek.

Once at the page: See all the turned over cards at the top... remember that YOU choose the Transparenting Tarot Cards, not the computer. With the Major Arcana 0-21 (Fool-World) of Aliah Selah's Transparenting Tarot Deck, again, they are all face down at the top of the page. Then, you choose the cards above by clicking on them. Below the card appears and you click on that card for the meaning of each one.  How it helps you to expand and contract. You can put notes in if you like in the spaces, it is for you. One copy goes to your email and a copy to Aliah Selah. With your email address and your topic or question (and when/where you bought the CD) and Aliah will send you the I-Ching for the reading. You don't have to go into a lot of detail on your personal life if you do not want to. Alish is here to serve you with insights of what the wise one would do in your situation. Please let her know if you would like to be a Lotus Heart Yogadancers in upcoming music videos and playshops at festivals, and the continually growing other benefits of being a Lotus Heart Yogadancer. The time has come where those with light in their eyes and joy in their steps need to find one another and shift the energy of the planet to peace. What is your part?

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Each Lotus Heart Yogadancer is unique and beautiful in their own way. Would you like to join in with the CoCreative Choreography of the essence you have to share. We want to see it, send us your footage and availability. Aliah Selah will be offering Lotus Heart Yogadancing Workshops at Sacred Music, Yoga, and Art Festivals around the globe. Let her know if you know of one to contact that you would be interested in being part of... or networking in the way only you can shine.
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